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Friday, January 2, 2009

Book Release: Trinival: Carnival of the Gods


Trinival: Carnival of the Gods

Trinival: Carnival of the Gods is an analytical look at the culture of Carnival as it is celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, New Orleans, Canada, England, Spain, Switzerland and other Carnival cities. Many new topics are introduced and discussed in this fascinating book including the sexuality and sensuality in Carnival along with the music, costume and political dynamics. The East Indian influence and contribution to Trinidad Carnival along with a brief history of Chutney music concludes a very stimulating, informative, unique book.

Without any doubt, the Greatest Carnival on the Planet is Trinidad and Tobago Carnival (Trinival) which is held annually on the small two-island republic two days preceding Ash Wednesday. Trinival is beautiful, exciting, well organized and loaded with entertainment, merriment, joyous festivities, gala celebrations, lavish parties, many, many masqueraders on Carnival days and numerous Carnival events and festivities. These are some of the reasons for making Trinidad and Tobago Carnival one of the most celebrated and talked about festivities on the planet because many surprises await you once you make the escapade to The Mecca of Carnivalesque activities. The joyous, fun-filled event is attended by revelers from all over the world who plan for and anticipate witnessing first-hand – the most unique, artistic form of cultural expression in the world.

Carnival is a celebration that is magnetized by the huge, colorful depictions of historical phenomenon. The exotic grandeur of the costumes with the revelers swaying left and right to the infectious sounds of local music is not only enthralling but also simply breathtaking. Carnival is not only loaded with costumes, revelry, festivities, merriment and gala celebrations but is also therapeutic to the many who have traveled from afar to ease their tensions and get some reprieve from life’s stressors and struggles. Thus Carnival provides a cure for one’s ailment and frustrations.

Carnival is bacchanal. Carnival is aesthetic and beautiful. Carnival is women, gorgeous women. The beauty of many Carnival costumes displayed by voluptuous women of all sizes and shapes all full of bliss moving towards a crescendo – a joyous crescendo – is not only captivating but has a surreal effect on masqueraders, revelers and onlookers. This crescendo is what excites the Carnivalist in the festive bacchanal and revelry. This is what makes Trinidad’s Carnival the most sought after festivity on the horizon as everyone – masqueraders, revelers and onlookers are possessed by the Carnival spirit, the Carnival trinity and the Carnival gods.

The different depictions of historical phenomenon, creative and ideological perspectives and interesting interpretations of international and national events culminate in one explosion of color and fanfare that captures the imagination and excites you in a way that you did not know was possible. Once the Carnival spirit captures you, you have to obey the commands of the Gods and react accordingly. You have to dance, wine, gyrate, sing along and intoxicate yourself with the Carnival deity. You are finally hypnotized with the Carnivalesque behavior and you have received authorization from the Gods to play yourself and to enjoy yourself to the fullest without any inhibitions.

Trinidad’s Carnival is special and is the one Carnival that you have to experience in your lifetime. The Carnival of the Gods is magical and unbelievable and is a spectacle beyond one’s imagination. Once you are involved in the mythical display of beautiful costumes, gorgeous women, Carnivalesque behavior and frenetic energy – you have been exposed to the world’s most beautiful expression of culture – Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. Therefore, you can tell everyone that you were a part of the magical, historical and creative phenomenon that is Trinidad and Tobago Carnival (Trinival).

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Year 2008 in Pan by

When Steel Talks
Everybody Listens

Nothing But The Business of Steelpan Music 24-7

The Year 2008 in Pan

2008 was an extremely interesting year for the steelpan music instrument. Our When Steel Talks travels, coverage and stories took our site visitors literally all over the globe. We saw the emergence and coming of age of the youth movement as two young and very talented arrangers (André White and Khan Cordice) - both still in their teens - captured major titles against stiff competition in the New York Panorama and the Antigua & Barbuda Moods of Pan Festival ‘25-A-Side,’ respectively. On the flip side, we lost noted Trinidad journalist Terry Joseph, pan pioneers Oscar Pile in Trinidad and Antigua’s Leroy “Jughead” Gordon. The untimely passing of Trinidad and Tobago’s Desperadoes and New York’s D’Radoes premiere bassist Frank “Crawl” Findley and former Phase II captain Edme Gibbons - among others who also impacted on the steelpan art form during their lifetimes - left us with a giant void.

Steelpan as a formal instrument in music classes took When Steel Talks from Antigua through Dominica to Taiwan to New York in a serious way. And as the journey continued, a panman was named a Chief in Nigeria; and another, as Prime Minster of Antigua & Barbuda, put in motion the naming of a mountain in honor and recognition of the USA’s incoming Commander-in-Chief, President-elect Barrack Obama.

Our very own Queen Macoomeh dropped science on us in a new book Tales from the Icebox Land while placing pan judges on notice. The literary movement continued as Trinival: Carnival of the Gods brought serious thought, observation and discussion to pan, carnival and calypso through Dr. Grant’s book. Trinidad & Tobago’s very own living steelband legends Tony Williams and Bertie Marshall were recognized with their country’s highest national award.

Pan Podium under BAS (British Association of Steelbands) churned out article after article, illustrated by vivid photography, on the development of steelpan in the UK. Indeed, the Pan Podium magazine is the standard bearer of excellence in modern-day print media documenting the art form. And Pan Magazine under the direction of Les Slater and Dalton Narine reminded us that quality journalism is timeless - and we owe them a debt of gratitude for their documentation and reporting of pan in their now-historic magazine, being re-visited and republished on Panonthenet.

Indeed the steelpan instrument opened the United Nations observance on slavery, while Ice Water Pan Ensemble stole the show in Panama and Australia showcased a major steelpan show. Pan was everywhere in 2008.

And Pan, Facebook and When Steel Talks bonded as almost every pan person under thirty has now got a facebook ‘presence.’

Here for a list of the 2008 When Steel Talks headlines
Here for round-the-clock Global Steelpan Music News
Here for When Steel Talks Pan Times summaries
Here for a listing of panorama and festival winners worldwide

CSI – overcoming the barriers with steelband music!

United Kingdom - Brent Holder, World Champion Soloist, formed the Caribbean Steel International steelband in 2004, after obtaining invaluable experience from working with some of the top steel bands in the UK, Trinidad and Japan with three members owing to the demand for small gigging bands. After ensuring that their small steel band was well established on the gigging circuit, CSI founding members decided to start a community group which would involve their local communities in the steel pan art form.

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Tunes for 2009

The songs are coming at a quick pace from all over... Check out the new tunes for panorama 2009.

Panorama - Tunes for 2009

“Dangerous” sung by Colin Lucas/Anselm Douglas - composed by Mark Loquan & Ken “Professor” Philmore

“D Trini Way” sung by Destra Garcia - composed by Mark Loquan & Ken “Professor” Philmore

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When Steel TalksWhen Steel Talks has set up a group on Facebook where we can post more steelpan pictures, videos and events. We would like you to join the group so you can expand your steelpan music experience.

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"Pantonic Live" is Available!!


- Clive Bradley the Master at Work -
Get Your Copy Now

Simply one of the finest steelband recordings ever. This classic recording featuring one of the best steel orchestras in North America is now finally back in stock. Pantonic Live is a must have for any serious steelband music lover.


Ralph MacDonald

He is simply one of the great music minds of our time. As a Grammy award-wining producer, arranger, songwriter, recording and performing artist, Ralph MacDonald has done it all. Moreover, he has walked with the divine ones through his music and has touched millions of people as few can with his musical gift. “Where is the Love,” “Just the Two of Us,” “Mister Magic” and “Calypso Breakdown” are a few of his masterpieces that have become musical standards in our time.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Website Launch: Carnival Stock Photos has been launched!

Here you will find all carnival stock photos, illustrations and videos from around the world. Photographers and designers can store, share and sell their photographs, illustrations and videos captured at various carnival festivals or events around the world. is the latest entry into the field of stock photography resources but, with a twist. The site is aimed solely at serving the needs of the online community who are interested in carnival only photography, illustrations and videos. The site will allow photographers to upload their photos, illustrations and videos into various carnival categories e.g Rio De Janeiro, Trinidad, Miami, Canada, Venice, Tokyo, Quebec (the list is endless). Once approved, the shots are displayed within the selected categories for customer prospects to view and purchase.

With free membership, it allows graphics artists, web designers, art directors, and customers to obtain legal royalty free stock images for use in electronic and print materials. Watermarked for protection during viewing, end users will receive un-marked shots once they have completed the registration and payment process.

Calling on all carnival Photo owners/Photographers!

Wherever the carnival is/was, no matter how old the photos and video were, you can start earning money with them immediately. We are inviting all photo owners/photographers to upload, share and sell their carnival photos. Submitting photographers receive compensation equal to 70% of the sales price for all of their download photos, illustrations and videos and can constantly track their account and their personal library within their profile online.

While our stock photos are priced by default at US$1, photo owners/photographers can set their preferred prices for their photos and videos (in the section known as special
& exclusive). Another great aspect of the site is that photographers from all over the world can join, upload, set their prices and sell, then monitor their earnings online and request for payment immediately using their preferred payment option. Making money has never been this easy!

All photo owners/photographers uploading their carnival photos and videos on or before 31st Dec 2008 may receive a US$10 bonus credit, which can be used to purchase other photos on the site. Media representatives may receive a complimentary one-week subscription or US$30 bonus credit to evaluate site and product offering by contacting us at

Looking forward to your participation and your success story with us! - Remember it's all about upload, share and sell. (Also see attached flyer)


Friday, December 26, 2008

Havana <-> New Orleans Connections

Havana, New Orleans and the Bay

The registration deadline for February programs
in Cuba has been extended to January 7, 2009

Popular Music and Salsa Dance
February 8-22, 2009

Music and Salsa Dance Course in Havana
· 4 - 5 hours of instruction daily
· Classes held at Havana's National School of Music
· Join Havana Jazz Festival events in the evening

boy - dancers

Price: Double $2,850 / Single $3,095

Deadline to register is January 7, 2009.
Contact us for more in formation.
Salsa and Rumba Dance Party
boy - dancers
Sat. January 24, 2009
4:00 - 9:00pm

$10 Cover / 21 + over

Club Anton

428 3rd St @ Broadway
Jack London Square
Oakland, CA 94607
-Live Rumba Group
(Featuring a talented line-up of local rumberos, including Sandy Perez, Carlos Aldama,
Fito Reynoso, Mijael Labrada and more!)

-Cuban Salsa with DJ WALTDIGZ

Havana International Jazz Festival
February 8-16, 2009

Chucho Valdes presides over a variety of Latin jazz, pop, timba and straight jazz groups at multiple venues in Havana.
The deadline to register is
January 7, 2009.

Price: Double $2,525 / Single $2,670
Contact us for more information.
Jazz in New Orleans
boy - dancers April/May 2009

Hang out in New Orleans for a week of non-stop jazz, 2nd line parades, Mardi Gras Indians, street parties, AND Cuban music and dance.

Experience the connections between Cuba and New Orleans in performances, lectures and classes with Yosvany Terry and his Afro-Caribbean project

Details coming soon!


PlazaCUBA has more than 10 years of experience coordinating events in the U.S. and Cuba. Check out our new website for more information about us and all of our projects.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Malta Carnival in Valletta Fri Feb20- Tues Feb24 2009

Malta Carnival 2009 will be celebrated between the 20th and 24th February 2009.

Next year’s carnival activities will feature new events such as the Saturday 21st February 2009 grand festival in Valletta which will kick off at around 18.30 hrs until early Sunday morning with dancing and celebrations all around the capital city. This activity is not to be missed.

A new enclosure will be set up. The setting will eventually accommodate much more people who annually flock to Valletta so as to enjoy the merriment and appreciate the artistic floats.

Malta Carnival 2009 has just launched the official 2009 Carnival poster. This year's poster was designed by Valerio Schembri Project Worshop Ltd.

Hereunder are the Malta Carnival 2009 highlights. More updates will be announced in the coming days. For further information in connection with Malta Carnival log on to or email .



Friday , 20th February 2009

18.00 hrs Carnival Dancing Competitions in Freedom Square, Valletta including a spectacular défilé with the participation of the King Carnival Float , Carnival Band and sets of Grotesque Masks.

(Enclosure Tickets €3.50)

Saturday, 21st February 2009

09.30 hrs Children’s Carnival in Freedom Square, Valletta. A succession of dances performed by children, float défilés and merriment all along Republic Street, Valletta including the procession of floats in Freedom Square
(Enclosure Tickets € 5.00)

18.30 hrs Carnival Dancing Competitions including a spectacular show of the King Carnival Float, Triumphal and Company Floats in Freedom Square

(Enclosure Tickets €8.00)

18.00 hrs Carnival Band Parade all along Valletta Main streets

20.00 hrs Carnival Parties in St. George’s Square, Market Square, St. John’s Square and all along Republic, Merchant and St. John’s Street with the participation of 2009 Carnival floats and dancing companies.

(Activities will last up to the early hours of Sunday morning)

Sunday 22nd February,2009

14.30 hrs Selection of the Carnival Dancing Competitions in Freedom Square, Valletta including a spectacular grand défilé with the participation of the King Carnival Float, Triumphal and Company Floats, bands and Grotesque Masks all along Merchant Street, St. John’s Street, and Republic Street followed by the défilé in Freedom Square

(Enclosure Tickets €10.00)

Monday 23rd February 2009

10.00 hrs Carnival Street Parade

17.30 hrs Carnival Dancing Competitions in Freedom Square, Valletta including a spectacular défilé with the participation of the King Carnival Float, Grotesque bands, Company Floats and Grotesque Masks
(Entrance Tickets €3.50)

Tuesday 24th February 2009

10.00 hrs Carnival Street Parade

17.30 hrs Carnival Dancing Competitions in Freedom Square, Valletta including a spectacular défilé with the participation of the King Carnival Float, Grotesque bands, Company Floats and Grotesque Masks

(Enclosure Tickets €3.50)

18.30 hrs Grand Finale in St. Anne’s Street, Floriana

Sunday, December 21, 2008 announces

Our first post says: " for the 2009 Carnaval season has launched a new wiki platform at It is a very powerful web 2.0 technology we will be putting most of our 2009 Carnaval time into. We are also quite excited by this blogger platform provided by We expect to integrate it further into the family of web sites which includes and

We continue to be affiliated with the FECC's as we support the growth of the world's largest and most active federation of Carnival Cities.

We expect this new platform to change names soon as the successor to it will be known as